Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol

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Goodbye Letter to Alcohol and Drugs

You told me there was no Me without you. You will Not essay me down again.

Goodbye Letter to Alcohol

I admittedly couldn't forgive you and maybe trust you anymore. Dear Alcohol, I'm writing this letter to say goodbye. Although it seemed that we have had some good times together, in reality you used and abused me for many years.

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Goodbye letter to alcohol. 31/12/ My journey, Stopping drinking, Thank you alcohol, My journey, smoking lucy I agree Veronica’s Goodbye Letter is a great idea. And yes to me booze was like a petulant lover and now he doesn’t bother me at all any more.

Comments are closed. Dear Alcohol, This is a difficult letter to write, and I should have written it years ago.

I’m as much to blame as you, and I’ve finally decided that we can’t go on like this any longer. Nov 12,  · Goodbye letter to alcohol. I’ve tried every way imaginable to avoid having to write this letter.

Goodbye Letter Addiction

I never wanted this. I have come to admit that I am powerless and I can not survive with you in my life. Goodbye Alcohol.

goodbye, alcohol: a farewell letter to a friend

I’m sorry. Goodbye Alcohol. I’m sorry.

Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol
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