Writing a continuance letter

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This is a compilation of openings and closings from medieval manuscripts to assist you in your letter-writing. They include public exhortations, private love letters.

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Bryan A. Garner, the president of LawProse Inc., is the author of many best-selling books, including Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (with Justice Antonin Scalia) and Garner’s. When writing a request for a continuance, include your name, the case name and number, what you are requesting and why.

State the date of the currently scheduled court hearing and clearly request a new date. Give the reasons for your request. Specify if you contacted the other parties or their attorneys and whether they agree to a continuance.

General Business Law 36-A Home Improvement

Nathaniel Hawthorne (–).The Scarlet Letter. The Custom-House Introductory to “The Scarlet Letter”. The sample appointment letter made available here is for comparison with your organization's present format of appointment letter.

How to Write a Letter to a Magistrate

See whether you need to make any improvement. There are many websites that provide samples of such appointment letters and other documents.

Writing a continuance letter
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