How to write a clemency letter to the president

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Parents of Prisoners Community Group

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Open Letter to President Barack Obama on Clemency

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Do’s and Don’ts When Writing to the Pardon Attorney or President

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How to Write a Letter of Clemency

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To apply for a review of a military discharge, you should write to the relevant military branch, at the address listed below: U.S.

Army: such as the Department's recommendation to the President in a clemency matter, are confidential and not available under the Freedom of Information Act. A letter of clemency is just that: a letter asking a court to show mercy on a person convicted of a crime.

So keep the main aim of the letter in mind as you write it. Explain carefully why you feel the person you are writing the letter for should be granted mercy. The President of the United States has the unique and absolute power to commute the sentence of any federal prisoner.

This means the. Dear Mr. President: We have applauded your administration’s work to reform the criminal justice system, particularly your efforts to grant clemency to people in federal prisons serving unjust and.

In order for Clemency Support letters to be effective, the prisoner in question must have a clemency petition filed. If you write a support letter for a prisoner who has not filed, the pardon attorney’s office will not know what to do with it and return it.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama on Clemency June 21, Unless President Obama personally intervenes to break a bureaucratic logjam, his clemency initiative will fall far short of granting the number of commutations for which people in .

How to write a clemency letter to the president
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