An analysis of de cuellars letter

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Francisco de Cuellar

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Apart from de Cuellar, the three known people who (supposedly) saw Cortile's abduction are Richard, Dan, and the woman Hopkins calls Janet Kimball. And, with one exception, the only people who've ever met any of them are Cortile and Hopkins.

According to recent research ("El capitán Francisco de Cuéllar antes y después de la jornada de Inglaterra", by Rafael M. Girón Pascual), there was a captain named Francisco de Cuéllar, perhaps our man, born in the city of Valladolid, who was baptized on March, twelve, in the parish of San Miguel.

Transcript of "The Jamaica Letter" by Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar "The Jamaica Letter" Simon Bolivar wrote this letter from Jamaica, where was exiled after Spanish forces crushed his army in Caracas He wrote this letter to an English correspondent, believed to be the Duke of Manchester, and the governor of Jamaica at the time.

An analysis of de cuellars letter
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